Sheffield Wednesday keeper attacked half-naked Neil Warnock in dressing room

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following the 1-1 draw between Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday last week in which a Leeds fan invaded the pitch and shoved Wednesday keeper Chris Kirkland in the face, Leeds manager Neil Warnock underplayed the incident by accusing Kirkland of milking the incident and going down too easy.

As Warnock writes in his column for the Independent, he did this without actually seeing the incident himself. But after he took his post-match shower and watched the footage, he realized his mistake, but by then Kirkland was already upset with him. And that's where we pick up Warnock's story -- with him half-naked and begging for forgiveness as the angry goalkeeper attacks.

I thought I'd better get dressed and go and apologise to him. But as I was standing there in my briefs with a towel the door opened, a furious Chris Kirkland pushed his way in and grabbed hold of me. He's a big lad and but for the intervention of one or two of our staff he might have done something he regretted. But I honestly couldn't blame him. I'd have felt the same if it had been the other way around. I apologised to him unreservedly.

No, that wasn't a passage out of Alan Partridge's book, that's Warnock's actual version of true events. Thankfully, there were no cameras there to capture it.

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