Serie A player reportedly breaks up with girlfriend after parents deem her ‘too sexy’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Ezequiel Schelotto is a 22-year-old Argentine-born winger for Atalanta. Mariana Diarco is a model, also from Argentina, whose Google Images results reveal her severe clothing allergy. While this may sound like a perfect/cliche love match, Ezequiel's parents seem to have brought an end to the relationship for the very reason many of you have already stopped reading this post in search of those aforementioned Google Images results.

From Football Italia:

Ezequiel Schelotto has ended his relationship with Mariana Diarco after his parents allegedly defined her as 'too sexy'.

The Atalanta player and the Argentine model had been together since December, but the couple have reportedly split.

And somewhere, the members of Right Said Fred weep for yet another casualty of being "too sexy." Their shift manager then reminds them that they are not too sexy to stop wasting time and change the oil in the deep fryer already.

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