Sergio Ramos made a 53-yard field goal at a Philadelphia Eagles game

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Real Madrid are in Philadelphia for a friendly against Celtic on Saturday. While there, they've been training at the Philadelphia Eagles' complex and several Madrid players were special guests at the Eagles' preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.

To help promote Saturday's match, the Madrid players attempted field goals with American footballs at halftime (after practicing earlier in the day) and Sergio Ramos caught the commentators' attention by making a 53-yarder (for a point of reference, the longest field goal in NFL history is 63 yards). They urged the Eagles to "sign him up," but I'm guessing he's pretty happy with his current career.

Here's the rest of the Madrid players' attempts, along with an interview between Don "Tolly" Tollefson, a man who is far too excitable, and a mildly uncomfortable Sami Khedira...

So now that they've mastered both baseball and American football, the only thing left for Real Madrid is driving Nascars while The Ramos drops trophies on the track.

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