Sergio Busquets says ‘making excuses for why you lose is for losers’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After losing their respective Champions League matches this week, the managers of both Man City and Arsenal put blame on the referee. City manager Manuel Pellegrini is now being investigated by UEFA for his claims that the ref in his side's 2-0 loss to Barcelona favored the Spanish champions. And now Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets — a man who has grown accustomed to winning with club and country — has declared that losers who make excuses for losing are total losers.

From the AP:

Busquets says ''referees make mistakes all the time, for and against you. But making excuses for why you lose is for losers.''

It's a good point from Busquets and one that we should all keep in mind. Most people can be poor losers at times — many blame referees, others blame the pitch or turn the sprinklers on and try to physically restrain a bitter rival from celebrating a big win.

Losing can be tough to stomach, especially when a red card has such a powerful impact on the result — which is what happened to both Man City and Arsenal. That doesn't excuse the post-match comments, but we can all relate to the frustration that led to them and the desire to try and deflect the scorn heaped upon the losing side in such high pressure matches. But that's easy to forget when you're winning.

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