Sergio Aguero has a ‘stupid’ injury

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Stupid is as stupid does (Getty)

Manchester City striker Sergio "Kun" Aguero has been ruled out of Saturday's home match against Sunderland with a mystery injury that could keep him off the field for an indefinite amount of time. The only thing manager Roberto Mancini has revealed about the ailment is that it was "stupid." Take it away, Daily Mail:

'It is a stupid injury,' said Mancini. 'It was not his fault but he can't play with this injury; for one day, 10 days or two weeks. I don't know.'

Mancini has refused to say exactly what happened but repeatedly used the word 'stupid' when asked.

'I prefer not to say,' he said. 'But he couldn't play against Stoke and can't play tomorrow. I hope he can recover for Arsenal next weekend.'

It's unclear why Mancini is being so cagey about the situation, but "stupid" injuries may occur in any of the following situations:

- Requesting your tremendous salary in cash and dropping it on your foot
- Letting Carlos Tevez off his leash when the mailman is at the door
- Marrying Maradona's daughter, then angering Maradona
- One-on-one training drills with Nigel de Jong
- Meeting an Atletico Madrid fan in a dark alley
- Playing darts with Mario Balotelli
- Doing anything with Mario Balotelli
- Getting hit by a huge red truck while cycling to work
- Watching the TLC network for more than 20 minutes, increasing your stupidity to the point where you forget how your legs and arms work.

They're all possibilities, but the smart money is on Balotelli being somehow involved.

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