Sergio Agüero tries to buy five players for former club Independiente, gets ignored

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Kun celebrating one of the 23 goals he scored for Independiente (
Kun celebrating one of the 23 goals he scored for Independiente (

With a salary of around $16 million per season at Manchester City, it's fair to say that Sergio Agüero is doing alright for cash. As a Premier League player, the Argentinean is obliged to spend his disposable income on obnoxious cars, McMansions, games consoles, nightclub tabs and women who appear in Nuts magazine, but he recently decided to use his money in a more virtuous manner.

According to his father, Kun offered to buy five players for his former side Independiente. As a token of his gratitude to the club he joined at age nine — and who made him the youngest person to play in the Argentinean top flight when they threw him into the first team at 15 — Agüero also offered to pay the salaries of those five players.

Amazingly, not only did the club not take him up on the offer, but they didn't even bother to call him back. ESPN quotes Agüero on Argentinian radio Solo Rojo:

"Sergio Aguero offered to buy five players and pay their salaries. We asked Carlos Squeo [assistant to manager Miguel Angel Brindisi] for a list of players.

"We don’t know what players they want because no-one called back. Not Squeo, not Brindisi. [There is] No leadership. I feel there is a slight against Sergio."

Independiente have been on the ropes since last season, having suffered their first relegation from the Argentine Primera División for the first time in their 109-year history.

They could have really used Agüero's resources in their Primera B Nacional promotion campaign, but unlike Spanish Segunda B side Albacete, who recently received a £200,000 donation from former player Andres Iniesta to pay their players, it appears that the 16-time Argentinean champions were too proud to accept his offer. Either that or they assumed it was just Franck Ribery prank calling them again.

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