Sepp Blatter suggests Iran, UAE as co-hosts for 2022 World Cup with Qatar

Brooks Peck
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Already submerged in awfulness between the deaths of migrant workers and distracting debates about the temperature, the 2022 World Cup has been opened up to even more confusion and potential troubles by FIFA president Sepp Blatter. In Abu Dhabi for the U-17 World Cup final, Blatter suggested that the likes of Iran, which doesn't allow women to attend matches played by men, and the UAE could potentially share hosting duties with Qatar, making the 2022 World Cup a gulf-wide affair.

From the Telegraph:

Asked about the prospect of matches in the tournament being played elsewhere, he said: "I keep a big question mark on this.

"I have just passed through Iran and, even on a political level, people told me they would be happy to host some of the matches.

"So not even in the Gulf state but in the Middle East in general people care about this. The UAE would also be very eager but let’s go step by step.

Though there is precedent for multiple host nations with South Korea and Japan sharing the 2002 World Cup, it's unlikely Qatar will be pleased with such an arrangement. The tiny state has plans to build 10 new stadiums for the event, which has brought scrutiny to the atrocious conditions migrant workers are subjected to in Qatar. An issue that Blatter would like to avoid until he hears Qatar's side of the story when he visits on Saturday.

"Also, I want to avoid all this criticism concerning workers’ rights but this is another problem," he said before adding that grass is green.

Instead of having a World Cup in 2022, maybe everyone should just stay home and watch The Parent Trap on Blu Ray.

UPDATE: After meeting with the emir of Qatar, Blatter was quick to back away from the idea of a shared World Cup in 2022. From Reuters:

"I was just touring a little bit here, I was in Iran and I was in United Arab Emirates and it came up, the question came up, 'Can we share the World Cup with Qatar?' I just took the questions, but I did not answer," he added.

And then he repeated that interest to the press, prefaced by the statement, "I keep a big question mark on this." The man is a buffoon.

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