Sepp Blatter snaps at the press about respect

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As soon as Sepp Blatter asked "what is a crisis?" and immediately followed that up by stating that "football is not in a crisis" (whatever that is), it was made explicitly clear that logic and coherence had no part of his press conference on Monday. This is nothing new for a FIFA press conference, but what was new was how it ended -- with attacking journalists unnerving the man at the top of an organization with absolute power.

Though he, of course, dismissed questions about how Qatar allegedly "bought" the 2022 World Cup and how reports of corruption keep popping up from both outside and inside FIFA, Blatter couldn't keep the frustrated press at bay. When they demanded answers and refused to settle for his non-answers, Blatter told them that they were "not in a bazaar." And concluded with a lecture on respect and elegance. It was very different from Blatter's normally calm and supremely confident approach.

Anyway, according to the Press Associations' Martyn Zeigler this is a picture of the bribe money Mohamed Bin Hammam gave to Caribbean FA officials while he was seeking votes for his presidential campaign...


Blatter might have to build a wall out of that stuff between him and the media the next time he tries to have a press conference.

Video via 101gg

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