Scunthorpe Utd kindly ask that their fans do not dress as squirrels

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(Getty/Yahoo composite)
(Getty/Yahoo composite)

In September 2012, Scunthorpe Utd manager Alan Knill was thrown from his bicycle following a collision with a squirrel. The rodent met its busy-tailed end between his spokes, and the coach was left in need of an ambulance as he went flying over his handlebars, landing on his head, shoulder and neck. "I could be dead," he said at the time, although he escaped with just cuts and bruises.

The following month, after a poor run of form, Knill was relieved of his duties. This weekend, however, he will return to Glanford Park for the first time since his sacking in his new role as manager of Torquay. Thanks to the fact that he helped relegate the Lancashire side last season, there is some concern about how he will be received upon his return.

It seems that some fans have been planning to taunt Knill by dressing as the nut-loving creature that nearly helped him cycle off this mortal coil, but the club have politely requested that fans leave their squirrel outfits at home on Saturday:

The person who has to sit behind you while you are dressed in a giant rodent costume with a huge tail protruding from the back would also prefer it you didn't dress up in "squirrel attire."

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