Santi Cazorla forced to apologize for unintentionally insulting Tottenham

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Spanish winger Santi Cazorla has been a hero for Arsenal fans of late: not only did he score twice at the weekend to keep the Gunners at the top of the table, but he was recently pictured holding a sign that slighted arch rivals Tottenham.

Cazorla, former Arsenal star Robert Pires and an unnamed woman were pictured holding a sign with the words to a popular terrace chant: "What do we think of Tottenham? S***. And what do we think of s***? Tottenham."

The Spaniard has now apologized via Twitter, claiming he could not actually see what was written on the piece of paper. (Presumably, turning it around and inspecting it before being photographed holding it would have been too much trouble.)

According to The Telegraph, it was actually Cazorla's employer who forced him to make the apology:

Arsenal have reminded Santi Cazorla of his club responsibilities after the Spaniard was forced to apologise for insulting rivals Tottenham.

Midfielder Cazorla claims he was unaware of what was written, but that did not stop Arsenal officials warning him to be careful of getting caught out again.

Arsenal are right to stop their players delivering insults to Spurs, but to do it in the same week that they started selling T-shirts with Theo Walcott's "2-0" hand gesture in their club shop seems like a bit of a mixed message.

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