Sandro gets slapped around by David Luiz, carried like a wheelbarrow at Brazil training

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Monday was apparently "pick on Sandro day" at Brazil's training session ahead of Tuesday's friendly against Japan in Poland. First, David Luiz did a demonstration of how Diego Alves hit him in the face during last week's match against Iraq on him (this also might have been some kind of David Luiz style mind game ahead of Chelsea's match against Spurs on Saturday).

David apparently got a little carried away (as he tends to do) and didn't know when to stop, prompting his teammates to step in and keep the two players separated...

Then, to top off the day, Dede decided to use Sandro as a human wheelbarrow.

And so goes another training session for the team with a host nation exemption from World Cup qualifying.

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