A San Marino player asked for Wayne Rooney’s shorts and Rooney obliged

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

For the mostly amateur footballers that comprise the San Marino squad, playing at Wembley against some of the biggest names in the sport is a special experience. And even after a 5-0 loss, some of them were still eager to make the most of that experience to the point of making unusual requests.

After the match, Wayne Rooney, who served as captain for the match and became England's fifth highest goal scorer of all time with a brace, explained (via the Telegraph):

"I have kept the armband and will keep it forever. I gave my shirt to one of their players and had to give my shorts away as well. That was a first. It has certainly never happened before!"

So a San Marino player went up to Wayne Rooney after the match and asked, "May I please have your shorts?" and then Wayne said, "Indeed you may" and then he took off his shorts, handed them to his opponent and then both players went on their way (we can only assume the San Marino player did this to ensure that Rooney's shorts were properly disposed of in a medical waste bin somewhere). Where else could that request possibly play out like that?

Somehow visual evidence of this incident has not turned up yet, most likely because when every cameraperson in the stadium saw Rooney start to remove his shorts, they immediately pointed their cameras anywhere else and/or burned them.

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