San Lorenzo goalkeeper Pablo Migliore arrested on the pitch in homicide investigation

Dirty Tackle
"You'll never take my freedom! Except if you take my freedom!" (Getty)
"You'll never take my freedom! Except if you take my freedom!" (Getty)

San Lorenzo may be the chosen club of the leader of the Catholic Church, but a police homicide investigation may soon prove that one of their players has not been acting in a saintly manner.

Shortly after San Lorenzo's 1-0 home loss to Newell's Old Boys on Sunday night, Argentinean police sealed off their Pedro Bidegain stadium and arrested goalkeeper Pablo Migliore on the pitch, on suspicion of aiding and abetting a notorious hooligan wanted for homicide. The Guardian have more detail:

Migliore is accused of helping to hide Maximiliano Mazzaro, second in command among the Boca Juniors barras, who allegedly beat Ernesto Cirino, 58, to death in 2011 during a neighbourly dispute. Mazzaro has been on the run for three months and the San Lorenzo captain is suspected of keeping in touch with him throughout that time and helping him abscond.

Migliore was questioned by police on Monday, but any hope that he would sing like a canary for his freedom have been quashed, as the BBC report that the goalie has refused to testify. He will therefore remain in jail for up to ten days while a judge makes a decision. Johnny Tightlips would be proud.

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