Samuel Eto’o says he hated Jose Mourinho before he loved him

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Samuel Eto'o and Jose Mourinho won the treble together at Inter in 2010 and now they've been reunited at Chelsea. But the good relationship that brought them back together was not always so good, at least according to Eto'o.

From the BBC:

"The relationship I have with Jose is something really interesting," he told Football Focus.

"At the start it was based on hate but that gradually grew into love." [...]

"I remember a game when we were fighting and we said some terrible things to each other," Eto'o said. "We both regretted it afterwards. But I like him because he talks through problems, he handles things like a man. Those are qualities I like. Every time I have the chance to work with him, I will seize the opportunity."

Eto'o went on to say that "Jose is more than a coach to me. He is a man who talks the language of truth."

Clearly Mourinho's secret method of player hypnosis worked perfectly on Eto'o (and not so perfectly at Real Madrid). You have to wonder how many world-class, multi-millionaire footballers he's convinced to wash his car using his methods.

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