Ryan Giggs was the winner of fashion in 1993

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If there's one thing Ryan Giggs is known for, it's the incredible Manchester United career that made him the most successful player in English football history. If there's a second thing Giggsy is known for, it's that stuff the Yahoo lawyers probably won't want us dwelling on. But if there's a third thing he's known for, it's his unwavering love of fashion. Yes, it's definitely that.

This clip is from the summer of 1993, soon after Manchester United won the inaugural Premier League. "I take care in what I buy fashion-wise," says a 19-year-old Giggs while in a store wearing his training gear.

Everything about this video is incredible — from the Zoolander-esque poses Giggs pulls wearing awful jackets to the not-at-all-dated soundtrack.

While browsing the shelves for a nice T-shirt and navy suit combo, the Welsh midfielder also speaks of his desire to follow in Eric Cantona's footsteps onto the catwalk, a dream he finally realized 19 years later with fellow fashionista Wayne Rooney.

A particular highlight is the suit that he is wearing while posing with Paul Ince and the league trophy at [2.05] in the clip.

Twenty-one years later, it's hard to believe that anyone would dress like that of their own free will, unless they were dressing as Beetlejuice for Halloween.

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