Rosenborg’s Nicki Bille Nielsen has Incredible Hulk-style meltdown after being denied penalty

Dirty Tackle

As a general rule in life, it is a bad idea to aggravate a man with a tattoo of a huge gun on his stomach, but this is exactly what the referee did in the Norwegian Tippeligaen match between Rosenborg and Sandnes Ulf on Sunday.

With his side 1-0 down, Rosenborg striker Nicki Bille Nielsen was blatantly fouled in injury time, as Sandnes goalkeeper Sean McDermott held onto his leg as if it were the only thing keeping him from falling off a cliff. No penalty was given, which meant Nielsen got angry. And you wouldn't like Nielsen when he's angry.

The Danish forward argued with the ref enough to earn his second yellow card of the game, at which point he slammed his fist on the ground and ripped off his shirt, not unlike a certain green comic book character.

After the game, Nielsen walked home alone, trying to hitch a ride while someone played a melancholy tune on the piano.

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