Ronaldo shows off his weight loss, looks in better shape now than when he still played

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been two months since Ronaldo showed off the 37 pounds he lost on a Brazilian reality show to help him drop the "Fat Ronaldo" tag. He reached his goal of being able to play in a charity match with Zidane shortly after the reveal, so his doubters might have expected him to immediately balloon back up after that. But on Thursday he posted a shirtless photo of himself to his Instagram account to show that he's sticking to his regimen and he appears to be more fit than he has been in years.

The image on the left is Ronaldo looking like a different person in his last professional match -- a friendly between Brazil and Romania -- in June 2011. The match came four months after he announced he was retiring due to injuries and a thyroid problem that he said was the cause of his weight issues. It's hard not to wonder how much longer he could've played if he was in the shape he is now, though.

He's 36 years old now. There are older guys currently playing in the Champions League.

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