Ronaldo looking for part in Seinfeld reunion

Dirty Tackle

Ronaldo with a moustache

If the Seinfeld producers were looking to re-cast the part of Kramer as someone overweight, Brazilian, mustachioed and thoroughly devoid of sleep, there's a three-time FIFA World Player of the Year who'd be perfect.

Ronaldo posted this picture to his Twitter account yesterday, showing the world what happens when one of the most successful sportsmen of all time succumbs to a life of transvestite prostitutes and Krispy Kreme. The mustache could be a gesture for Movember, but is more likely another chapter in the former striker's history of forgettable grooming (see questionable chin fluff and baffling haircut).

Brazilian news sites have compared Fat Kramer's new look to Brazilian musician Tim Maia and Don King, but we at DT would much rather see him in a sports jacket maniacally poking his head around the door of a New York apartment.

Image: @ClaroRonaldo