Ronaldinho gets his teeth fixed, celebrates with lovely backheel pass

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Ronaldinho's infectious smile has always been one of his many endearing traits, but it's also been the subject of many hurtful jokes and caricatures over the years. The alignment of his teeth was just about as creative as what he can do with the ball. No matter what was said or how he was depicted, it never seemed to bother Ronaldinho, though. He just kept smiling and winning and inspiring with his unique skills.

And yet at the age of 33, he somewhat surprisingly decided to do something about his gnarled chompers. According to Globo, Ronaldinho's agent/brother confirmed that the Copa Libertadores winner underwent minor surgery on his gums and got porcelain veneers ahead of Atletico-MG's match against Bahia on Wednesday.

With his whiter, straiter smile, Ronaldinho showed that his talents are just that much more dazzling in his side's 2-0 win over Bahia. Here he is with a backheel pass...

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