Ronaldinho hasn’t been paid in five months, threatens to quit Flamengo

Brooks Peck

How can Flamengo afford football superstar Ronaldinho? Well, it turns out they can't.

From the AFP:

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"I want to reach agreement and then he can compete in the Copa Libertadores. But I don't know if that's going to happen," [Ronaldinho's agent/brother Roberto] de Assis told the newspaper Extra ahead of the January 25 tie against Bolivian side Real Potosi.

Three-quarters of Ronaldinho's salary is covered by marketing group Traffic, who have not paid in five months, amounting to $2.05 million.

Club president Patricia Amorim expressed his optimism that "things are advancing".

But De Assis warned that if the 31-year-old former World Cup winner is not paid immediately he could take up one of several firm offers he has had from teams in Italy, Spain and South America.

Even though Ronaldinho's move back to Brazil hasn't been profitable financially, it's still been great from a footballing standpoint. In the year since he's signed for Flamengo, he's scored 21 goals in 52 appearances and, more importantly, he was given the chance to once again play for the national team that he desperately wanted.

And even if Flamengo/Traffic don't come through with those back wages, we know that Ronaldinho has already dabbled in a way he could make some money on the Internet (getting naked in front of a webcam until people pay him to put his clothes back on).

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