Romelu Lukaku is very frustrated with FIFA 14

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With five goals already this season for Everton, 20-year-old Romelu Lukaku isn't having much trouble with football in real life. It's the video game version that's troubling him.

Like many footballers, Lukaku has been playing the recently released FIFA 14 and he's come to the conclusion that the game doesn't recognize his true speed. He tweeted:

For the record, Lukaku's default sprint speed rating is 85 (out of 100) and his acceleration is 79 in the game — numbers that aren't bad at all.

This isn't Lukaku's only FIFA 14 indignity, though. He also posted the picture above to his Instagram account, shamefully depicting a wrecked Playstation controller after losing to teammate Kevin Mirallas.

As anyone who has played FIFA will attest, frayed nerves and destroyed controllers are just part of the experience. We've all been there, Romelu. We've all been there.

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