If a Roma player tries to fix a match, Pablo Osvaldo will ‘kill him with punches’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In an interview with GQ, Roma's Argentine-born Italian international, Pablo Osvaldo, revealed one of the reasons why it's been possible for match fixing to be so prevalent in Italy and what he would do if one of his teammates ever tried it. Hint: it involves punching and death.

Said Osvaldo (via Football Italia):

"If a teammate sold a game then I wouldn't make the authorities aware of it," the former Espanyol man noted.

"That's because what happens in the changing rooms should stay there," insisted the Azzurri centre-forward.

"I wouldn't act as an informer, but I wouldn't turn my back either. In silence, I'd kill him with punches..."

The belief that "what happens in the changing rooms should stay there" even if it's something that would damage the sport and the livelihood of everyone in that changing room is one that's easy to understand given the bond among teammates. After all, no one wants to be a rat. But silently killing people with punches is pretty cool.

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