Roma end Kappa kit deal over ‘serious defects,’ Kappa sues

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Roma claim they have discovered "serious defects" in the gear provided by kit manufacturer Kappa and Kappa's parent company, BasicNet, has responded by suing Roma for making up excuses to wiggle out of their deal.

Roma announced their decision with this (via Football Italia):

"In consideration of the serious defects found in the technical material and the line of clothing produced by BASIC ITALIA S.p.A. for the 2012/13 season, the A.S. Roma S.p.A. board of directors has decided to cancel the contract with the technical sponsor with immediate effect due to BASIC ITALIA's non-performance of contractual obligations."

Despite being seriously defective, Roma still promise to wear the Kappa kits until the end of the season. Unamused by this development, the president of BasicNet has responded by issuing this statement to ANSA:

"For over a year the Americans now in charge of Roma have declared their intention to terminate the contract with us.

"The reasons they gave with regards to the quality of material are nothing more than excuses which will be torn apart by the judges.

He says that now, but when those judges see these serious defects, like how the Kappa shirts burn through Francesco Totti's skin like acid through crepe paper and how the socks spontaneously explode on Michael Bradley's feet, he'll be singing a different tune.

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