Robin van Persie's grandfather gets in on the #VanPersieing trend (Photo)

Robin van Persie's grandfather gets in on the #VanPersieing trend (Photo)

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In a 2014 World Cup that has already featured its fair share of goals, none looms larger than Dutch striker Robin van Persie's flying header vs. Spain in the third match of the tournament. It wasn't just beautiful to watch — it also ushered in the obliteration of the defending champions and came from one of the sport's most thrilling talents.

The goal has also served as the center of a lot of talk on social media. Apart from the creative photoshops of van Persie flying through the air, the meme of #VanPersieing has become a legitimate Internet sensation. In case you're unfamiliar, the gimmick involves lying facedown on the ground with arms up and legs out. Despite (or maybe because of) its simplicity, it's become the thing to do for soccer-watching folks around the world.

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The trend apparently shows no signs of slowing down, because it just received an entry from one of the most interesting #VanPersieing-ers possible. In this tweet from the Dutch news organization Omroep Brabant, check out Robin van Persie's 93-year-old grandfather Wim Ras getting in on the action:

Ras also spoke to Omroep Brabant about the goal and the performance of his grandson (translation via

"I thought it was a great landing," Ras told Omroep Brabant.

"A belly landing, is not always fun, huh? I used to do gymnastics and I know what it is like, but in gymnastic those moves are planned and intended," he said.

"Robin only needed a fraction of a second to make the jump.

"To get such an exquisite delivery in such a situation and then to score, that is a hell of an achievement.

"The attack went well, but getting up there was very difficult. Obviously, because it is not a movement that you do every day."

It is not my place to critique Wim Ras's technique, although I think he'd agree that van Persie's movements are a little more precise than his own. Neverthless, it's pretty cool to see a 93-year-old embrace the trend, no matter how much longer the meme will continue.

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The big question now is if someone in the Netherlands can track down Daley Blind's grandather to mimic the exquisite pass that found van Persie's head. If he can recreate that moment then we'll really have a story on our hands.

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