Robin van Persie arrives at Man United, says he has a little boy inside him

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After enduring the awkwardness of training with Arsenal in the lead-up to his transfer, Robin van Persie has arrived at Manchester United to meet his new coworkers and begin training. He also told the press about the screaming little boy inside of him.

From the Guardian:

"Manchester United breathe football in every aspect, for me it was quite soon that I made my decision," he said.

"It was based on a lot of things and all those things went to Manchester United. When you have to make a hard decision in your life I always listen to the little boy inside me. What does he want? That little boy was screaming for Manchester United. I have had lots of challenges, but how it stands now, this is my biggest."

I'd be curious to hear how Man United "breathe football" more than any other club, but let's move past that to the little boy. First, this is Robin as a boy, in his Arsenal shirt. Second, making adult life decision based off the screams of an inner child seems like it could lead to trouble. And third, there has to be a better way to phrase that, Robin.

Here are some images from Van Persie's first day...

The moment Robin thought he heard Arsene Wenger creeping up behind him.

You're not paying me in stock, are you? I don't want to be paid in stock.

What is going on with his hair?! If I cover my face maybe he won't see me laughing...

Paul Scholes is going to end my career in training one day, isn't he?

I shall call you "Portuguese Theo."

Hahaha I can't believe this actually worked.

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