Robin van Persie agitated by Gary Caldwell’s attempt to shake hands after Wigan win

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has made it abundantly clear that he hates time wasting. He hates it more than Pepe hates fingers. When he believed international teammate Tim Krul was guilty of it during Arsenal's win over Newcastle last month, he treated Krul like someone who ate his sandwich out of the office fridge and then claimed that he didn't see where Van Persie wrote his name on the package.

During injury time of Wigan's 2-1 win over Arsenal, Wigan keeper Ali Al Habsi was booked for time wasting and Robin (and Arsene Wenger), of course, did not like this one bit. After the final whistle, Wigan captain Gary Caldwell tried to shake hands with Van Persie, who stuck out his hand as he walked away from Caldwell. Caldwell pulled away from this modified shake and again offered his hand in the way normal people shake hands. Van Persie pushed it away, then the two held onto each other's fingers in the most awkwardly confrontational way possible before Van Persie shook free and walked away, leaving Caldwell to be consoled by the ref (video here, GIF here).

Meanwhile, in other non-handshake news from the Emirates, Wenger and Wigan manager Roberto Martinez didn't touch palms either, reportedly because Martinez opted to shake hands with his staff first and kept Wenger waiting.

Handshakes: Where manly statements are made.

But before all this, relegation-threatened Wigan beat third-place Arsenal five days after beating first-place Manchester United. Wigan are, irrefutably, the best team in England.

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