Roberto Mancini jokes about wanting Carlos Tevez to get arrested again so he’ll score a hat trick

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Last week, Carlos Tevez was arrested for allegedly driving with a suspended license and then went on to score a hat trick against in Man City's 5-0 FA Cup quarterfinal win against Barnsley. Apparently this was enough to get Roberto Mancini thinking that the John Terry effect -- wherein a footballer plays at his highest level when he's in trouble for something -- also applies to Tevez and could be used to help City in their match against Everton on Saturday.

From Reuters:

Despite the serious task ahead, Mancini managed a light-hearted mood at his news conference which he started by donning a red nose in support of British charity Comic Relief.

Having determined it was rather tricky to speak wearing the item, he removed it but continued to raise smiles.

"The police didn't stop Tevez yesterday?" he asked. "It's a problem for tomorrow. If they (had) stopped Tevez maybe tomorrow Tevez can score three goals."

If driving offenses improve your form on the pitch, then Nicklas Bendtner is going to score 8,000 goals in one game when he comes back from his injury.

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