Robbie Savage may have broken his nose while jive dancing

Dirty Tackle

According to a recent poll of all former professional footballers named Robbie Savage, Robbie Savage is the most handsome man on the planet. The results of this poll, however, may no longer be accurate, as the Welshman damaged his beautiful face on live TV on Saturday night.

At the climax of a jive routine for "Strictly Come Dancing" (the BBC version of "Dancing with the Stars"), Savage slid along the floor so he could kiss the closest object in which he could make out his reflection. Unfortunately, he got a little too close to the camera, and now he looks like this...

Robbie Savage
Robbie Savage

After the show, he said:

"I was supposed to stop my slide but I overshot the runway a bit.

"[...]I thought I'd make it look good by sliding in and kissing the camera, but the lens is sunken in and the top bit banged me on the nose.

"It got red straight away and [now] it looks terrible. It's bloodshot and it was bleeding last night. I'm going to have to go and get it checked out."

Poor old Robbie may have embarrassed himself, but it's not the worst thing a former footballer has done in a dancing show.

Quote:; Image: @RobbieSavage8

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