Robbie Keane arrives in L.A., autographs a baby

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Robbie Keane arrived in Los Angeles on Friday to begin his lifelong dream of playing in MLS and a group of Galaxy supporters were there to greet him.When the Keanes got off the plane, a number of those supporters probably didn't even notice Robbie was there as his wife, Claudine Keane, showed up looking like she had a yogurt commercial audition in the terminal.

After posing for pictures with their his and hers purses, Robbie signed some autographs. And at the one minute mark in the video above, you can see he even signed a baby.

Back at the Home Depot Center, journalists summoned for Keane's big unveiling say that green and orange decorations were hung in honor of the Irish captain and free Guinness was being poured. So if you see any reports that describe it as the "bjest pressss confererence eveeer!!1111" you'll know why.

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