Rino Gattuso shows referee how to book a player with authority

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since Rino Gattuso left Milan for Swiss club Sion in the offseason, we haven't heard too much about him. But the 34-year-old former Italian international apparently hasn't lost his ferocity.

Late in a match against Young Boys on Sunday, with Scion down 2-1, one of Gattuso's teammates was taken down with a challenge from behind. Though the referee pulled his yellow card out as he walked towards the offender, Gattuso seemed to feel there wasn't enough determination in his movements, so he stomped over, swiped the card out of the referees hand and instructed him in how to hold it up before giving it back.

To the referee's credit, he saw the humor in the moment and cracked a smile as he followed Gattuso's lead. Anyway, whenever Gattuso does retire, let's hope he pursues a second career as an official. No one would ever argue his decisions.

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