Revealed: the song superstitious Maradona sings before games

As a manager whose tactical nous is only matched by his general understanding of who his opposition is, Diego Maradona seems to rely on a combination of faith and superstition to guide La Albiceleste to victory. Thus far at the World Cup, his omnipresent quirks have included (but are not limited to) rosary beads, wearing two watches simultaneously and the gray shiny suit that he must have picked up when he went shopping with Jamie Redknapp.

The Argentinean press have now picked up on another of Diego's luck-generating rituals, involving one of his favourite popular beat combos. Before games, he likes to sing a song entitled ‘La cabaña' (‘The Shack') by an Argentinean band called La Konga. It's an uplifting ode to infidelity (lyrics include: "Hidden from your husband, and hidden from my wife") and as you can see from the video above, they're everything you could ever want from a South American band (well, except for the fact that Carlitos Tevez isn't in the lineup).

Maradona wouldn't be the first manager to rile up the troops with an odd choice of music. In their treble winning season, Barcelona were serenaded with Coldplay songs (including unofficial Barca anthem ‘Viva La Vida') at the behest of Pep Guardiola - because nothing gets you fired up like some moderately paced middle-of-the-road wussrock.

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