Referee allows blatantly offside goal, anger ensues

Dirty Tackle

Controversy brewed in the Argentinean Primera Division this weekend when Colon were awarded a highly dubious goal when visiting San Lorenzo.

The Colon penetration (sorry) occurred in the 68th minute, when the linesman flagged for offside. Colon's Federico Higuain whipped in a cross regardless, which Ariel Garce harmlessly tapped into the net, assuming play had stopped. However, the ref completely ignored the linesman — and the inactivity of most of the players — deeming the Colon blast (sorry again) to be valid, bringing the score to 1-1.

Cue a surprised Garce, angry fans, intimidated officials and (crap) colon jokes from bloggers who should know better.

Spotted by DT reader Harry B

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