Real Madrid prematurely create profile for Luka Modric a.k.a. ‘Null Null’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Sometimes being well prepared leads to an itchy trigger finger and it seems that was the case when Luka Modric's profile page appeared on Real Madrid's official website on Tuesday. Though Modric to Real Madrid has been this summer's tedious transfer soap opera, as of this writing he's still officially a Spurs player. But whoever manages Madrid's website made the mistake of publishing his full player profile and bio page anyway.

Once fans noticed it, Modric's picture and personal info was quickly removed and his name was replaced with "Null Null," which was soon trending on Twitter and just might stick as a nickname for the Croatian. As unfortunate as that may be, it's probably a lot nicer than what Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has been calling him lately.

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