Real Madrid players are again struggling to speak English with comedic results

Brooks Peck

Michael Essien is hosting a charity match in Ghana and to raise awareness, he enlisted some of his Real Madrid teammates to record a video message. The tricky part? He asked them to do it in English.

The last time a Real Madrid player attempted to record a message in the foreign tongue, it was Sergio Ramos and he was mocked by a lower division club. This time, Ramos did not take part, but the likes of Marcelo, Kaka, Luka Modric and Ricardo Carvalho struggled with it in his place.

Cristiano Ronaldo proficiently enough, but things quickly go down hill when Marcelo says his name is Michael Essien. Sami Khedira took the task very seriously, while Carvalho expressed his support for "the game of dope." Karim Benzema didn't even try and Mesut Ozil eventually said the line like he was trying to pick you up at a bar.

Anyway, credit to all for trying and hopefully we can turn Carvalho's game of dope into a reality in the near future.

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