Real Madrid fans chant ‘less millions, more cojones’ at players in airport

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Real Madrid supporters were obviously upset about the team's 4-1 loss in Dortmund. This, after all, was a match that had a score of 1-1 at halftime. So when the team arrived at Dortmund's airport to make their trip home, their traveling fans were there and ready to make themselves heard.

"Menos milliones, mas cojones," (less millions, more balls) they chanted as the squad filed past them.

Their words stuck to the theme of Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp's post-match comments. "That was like Robin Hood taking from the rich," he said, noting Madrid's superior wealth.

Though a comeback in the second leg wouldn't be completely impossible for Real Madrid, in order to achieve such a task, they would probably have to become a new kind of Robin Hood, who steals cojones. We can only hope they don't take that order too literal.

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