Reading FC advertise job with no pay, unsociable hours and no expenses

Dirty Tackle

On the spectrum of desirable jobs at a Premier League/soon-to-be-Championship outfit such as Reading, the position of Chief Suntan Lotion Application Technician to the Owner's Wife might rank near the top, while toilet cleaner, jock strap washer and football player might be somewhere near the bottom.

Also ranking near the bottom is a newly advertised full-time role as a Performance Analyst. The winning applicant will get to use ProZone, SportsCode & Opta to analyze all home matches and some away ones, and will also get to film and edit first-team matches. It's a football geek's dream job.

Except that it's not. Here's some pertinent information from the job advertisement:

This position is full-time and will require the successful applicant to work unsociable hours from July 2013 - May/June 2014. The post holder will be required to attend all First team home games and some away games.

This role is unpaid and includes no travel expenses.

The role requires a postgraduate degree and a driving license, which means the applicant will have undertaken at least four years of unpaid study, and will be expected to drive the length of the country behind the team bus for away matches. For a year. Without being paid anything. All while watching your company pay teenagers six figures to kick a ball.

Isn't it wonderful that the job market is so competitive?

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