Rangers player accused of betting against his own team by Scottish FA

Rangers midfielder Ian Black has been accused by the Scottish FA of betting against his own team three times between March 2006 and July 2013. Black, who previously played for Inverness and Hearts before joining Rangers after the club's liquidation and reformation in 2012, has also been accused of betting on his own team 10 other times and matches in which he had no connection 147 times.

From STV:

The player will be asked to attend a hearing at Hampden on Thursday, September 12. He has until Monday, August 26 to provide evidence to the governing body.

Footballers registered in Scotland are prohibited by the Scottish FA from betting on any football match.

If found guilty, players can be fined from £500 to £1,000,000 and can be either suspended or expelled from playing professional football.

Though betting against your own team is always a clear no-no, this is another reminder of the murky relationship football has with the gambling industry. The Scottish FA itself allows bookmaker William Hill to be the title sponsor of the Scottish Cup, saving the competition from a whole year without that sweet, sweet sponsorship money and sending a mixed message on the relationship between football and bookmakers.