Random musings of footballers before they fall asleep…

Thierry Henry

I should have gone to Bolton. ... Wenger really needs to teach these kids how to use their hands. ... I wonder if they've come up with any good puns based on the surnames of Asian basketball players back in New York over the last two months. ... Andrei Arshavin: What's the deal with that guy? ... Can't wait 'til I can get back to playing in MLS, where no one even remotely cares about pre-match handshakes. ... Seriously...why is Arshavin still here and I'm not?

Hipster Nicolas Anelka

Playing in Europe and making less than €10 million a year is so mainstream.

Florent Perradin


Kitier Katba

It's time for the disgraces. ... First, another Chelsea player missed a vital penalty kick in a cup final and it happened to be my owner. That's a shameful f***ing disgrace. ... Then, cats become the celebrities of European football and some boney stray from Anfield gets to be a star instead of me. That's a weightist f***ing disgrace. ... Then, Katou and I were left with Daniel Sturridge's cat, Daniel Purridge, while our owners were gone and those two turds thought it was HILARIOUS every time they moved my food bowl just out of my reach. That's an unfunny f***ing disgrace. ... Then, there were those times those referees who probably invented the sadistic practice of neutering house pets cheated Chelsea out of the Champions League. That...that was a...