Rafa Marquez runs opponent into the ground and breaks his clavicle

Just before halftime in the New York Red Bulls' 2-2 draw against San Jose on Saturday night, New York's Rafa Marquez made his time in MLS even more disappointing than it already was. While defending a corner kick, Marquez decided to wrap his arms around San Jose's Shea Salinas and run him into the ground shoulder first. He even added an extra kick to the face just for good measure.

It was a bizarre move which was way over the top even if there was some kind of provocation, but Marquez got away with it and didn't receive a yellow card until the 86th minute.

Salinas, meanwhile, had to leave the match with a fractured clavicle.

Between this and telling the press that his teammates weren't equal to him last season, it's really starting to seem like the Mexico captain is only in MLS as some kind of saboteur. And to collect the league's third highest wages ($4.6 million in 2011). Actually, it's probably just the latter.