Rafa Benitez surprised Liverpool didn’t want him back

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It has now been over a year and a half since Rafa Benitez was last a football manager. Today he spends his time as a TV pundit and blogger. In the period since he was sacked by Liverpool in June of 2010, the club's struggles have continued, with the Benitez's successors, Roy Hodgson and Kenny Dalglish, both getting the sack themselves. Though some fans have wanted Benitez back, Brendan Rodgers got the Liverpool job instead. Even though Rafa was apparently staring at his phone and waiting for it to ring (or vibrate).

From the Irish Independent:

Last summer, Liverpool had a vacancy but they chose not to talk to their former manager. It may be best for all sides to consider new challenges but Benitez believes it was odd that he wasn't contacted.

"It was strange," he says. "We know the club, the players, the Academy and we have even more experience now. The fans were positive about the idea and if you read the book [his new book Champions League Dreams] you will understand why. So it was strange not to be approached."

First of all, who is "we"? Have Jose Mourinho's mind games finally driven Rafa to adopt multiple personalities? Does he talk with his finger sometimes and tell his wife, "Rafa doesn't live here anymore, Mrs. Benitez."? Secondly, what is these "even more experience" he's referring to? His six months at Inter that ended with him getting sacked two days before Christmas? Granted, he did win the Supercoppa and Club World Cup while he was there.

A club hiring back a manager they just sacked two years ago would've been strange, but just because someone knows where the toilets are doesn't mean he should be asked back as manager.

Meanwhile, Kenny Dalglish finds it strange that he wasn't asked to replace Kenny Dalglish either.

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