Rafa Benitez says that Marco Materazzi is a lying liar who lies

Since Marco Materazzi was the player who was perhaps most upset by Jose Mourinho's departure from Inter (the two had a good cry when he left), it was no surprise that he didn't get along well with his successor, Rafa Benitez. What is kind of surprising is the fact that Materazzi is still talking about much he dislikes Benitez three years after his failed six months at Inter.

From Football Italia:

“He is not my ideal Coach. If I was a club president, I'd never employ him,”Materazzi told France Football.

“A great boss like Marcello Lippi or Mourinho knows how to get their demands across to a dressing room whereas Benitez, he wanted to put them all in writing, 10 or 12 rules - like the Highway Code, or being at school!

“At Inter's training centre, there were photos on the wall of all the most successful past Coaches, from Helenio Herrera to Roberto Mancini and Mourinho. Benitez had the ones of Jose taken down. With that gesture, he showed his character: that of a weak person.”

Matrix also said that he declared “damn you for leaving me with Benitez!” on Mourinho’s last day at Inter.

This is hardly the first time Materazzi has mentioned the pictures that were taken down (Mourinho himself even commented on it at the time), but this time Benitez has decided to protest. And a bit too much at that, by saying that Materazzi is lying/a liar nine times in eight sentences.

“He's lying. Marco Materazzi's lying. He's lying. Just lying. Everything he said is a lie. Everything that he talked about me, the things that he said about me, when he was talking with Jose Mourinho, is a lie because nobody knew that I was going to Inter - even me. He's a liar. About the pictures, he's lying, so he's a liar.”

So, clearly Materazzi is telling the truth here.