Rafa Benitez refuses to be drawn into discussing Simpsons characters in press conference

Chelsea's 1-0 win against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday has been overshadowed by David Luiz smiling after getting kicked by Rafael in the final minutes of the match. The Man United defender was sent off for the blatant offense and Luiz was accused of nefarious play acting all because of his grin. In the days since, it has been reported that Luiz said he was actually laughing at Man United fans mocking him with the usual Sideshow Bob jibes. When asked about The Simpsons character to whom Luiz is so often compared, Chelsea interim manager refused to divulge any knowledge of him.

From PA Sport:

Asked if he was aware who Sideshow Bob is, Benitez said: "I'm aware David Luiz is one of the best players in the Premier League, by miles - miles away from a lot of players. He's one of the best, without doubt.

"If we're talking about that, we're not talking about Chelsea beating United, doing much better in three games - two in Old Trafford.

"We did really well. The substitution of Fernando (Torres) was an offensive player on the pitch. Mind games. Nobody was talking about mind games after the game. Then we start talking about this.

"I don't agree. David Luiz was laughing because the fans were abusing him. After was the red card (for Rafael). It was very clear, the timing.

According to the Telegraph's Ben Rumsby a Sky Sports reporter even produced a picture of Sideshow Bob to show Benitez, which is just a bit weird. Prior to Benitez's arrival at Chelsea, the comparisons and jokes were being made within the club as Luiz's birthday cake last year even featured a depiction of Sideshow Bob in a Chelsea kit.

We can only hope that now that even Benitez has been made aware of the joke, it will finally be put to rest.