Rafa Benitez praises Fernando Torres’ defending on corners and ability to score in training

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been two months since Euro 2012 Golden Boot winner Fernando Torres last scored for Chelsea in the Premier League. In that time, a Champions League winning manager has been sacked and a seven-match winless streak has been achieved for the first time since Roman Abramovich bought the club.

Of course, this isn't all Torres' fault. Though scoring goals in actual matches is an ongoing struggle for him, Rafa Benitez highlights the things he is doing well. Like scoring goals in training and clearing the ball on corners. Because that's what Chelsea paid a British record £50 million for, right?

From the Telegraph:

"He scored a lot of goals in training today. He is a great player and if he is the right positions they will play with him and if he's not they won't.

"It's not just scoring goals. If you analyse the corners (against us) he was amazing, two or three times clearing the ball. He was helping the team defend. But as a striker you want him to score goals."

Benitez has a lot on his mind these days, so he actually forgot to mention a number of other things Torres is doing well right now. Here's a more complete list...

-Properly arranging his silverware at team meals.
-Sitting still while he gets his hair cut.
-Remembering Paulo Ferreira's name.
-Not contracting a rare tropical disease.
-Not making eye contact with Florent Malouda.
-Not picking up the ball and throwing it into the net in a fit of frustration.
-Flossing other people's teeth.
-Harboring the Blueberry Kingdom's greatest ever hero, the one and only Fernando Gingerbread, in his dreams. Dun-na-na!