QPR players cancel their Christmas party because they’re in last place

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Tis the season for merriment and joy...unless you're a QPR player. New owner Tony Fernandes made a hearty offseason investment in overpriced and aging talents from around the world, but all he's gotten as a return on his investment so far is no wins, six points and a last-place club. And since they've been such a colossal disappointment to their owner and fans, the players have decided against having a Christmas party this year in an effort to show their commitment to focusing on improving their results.

From the Telegraph:

QPR players have decided that to hold a party this year would give the wrong impression to supporters when they are marooned at the foot of the table.

A club spokesman said: "We won't be holding a Christmas party this year." When asked why this was the case, added: "Have you seen the league table?"


The report goes on to say that the players' decision was reached independently of new manager Harry Redknapp's input, but it could have been done to appease him as well. Redknapp tried to prevent his players from having Christmas parties twice at Spurs, forcing them to have their drunken fun behind his back. But it sounds like the QPR players are only feeling good enough to sit in the dark and listen to Coldplay while replays of all their matches so far this season are projected onto the wall.

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