Qatar reportedly spending $200 billion to build infrastructure necessary for 2022 World Cup

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

While millions of Brazilians riot in the streets in part because their government decided to squander $14 billion on the 2014 World Cup, Deloitte has put a price tag on what Qatar is doing to host the 2022 World Cup: $200 billion. But that's only a drop (of oil) in the bucket as the world's richest country builds an entire infrastructure capable of accommodating a major international event almost from scratch.

From the AP:

The report, released on Tuesday, said $140 billion of that will be for transportation infrastructure including a new airport, roads and a metro system to deal with the 400,000 fans expected for the month-long tournament.

Another $20 billion will go to tourism infrastructure as the Persian Gulf nation expects the number of tourists to reach 3.7 million annually by 2022.

The other $40 billion will probably be used to build stadiums, lure the players necessary to field a competitive team and build an animatronic statue of FIFA president Sepp Blatter made out of solid platinum that will be visible from space.

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