Puma confident they have solved Arsene Wenger's zipping problems

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

For years, Arsene Wenger had to endure the embarrassment of struggling to zip up the signature puffy coats that Nike provided for him, adding a symbolic image of weakness to the laundry list of troubles he already had. But Puma have now replaced Nike as Arsenal's kitmaker and they have gone to great effort to ensure that Wenger's zipping struggles are over.

In a clever bit of marketing, Puma released the video above highlighting their work to eradicate this issue, starring Wenger himself as Confused Old man #1.

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Here's a close-up look at the zipper that could save Wenger a bit of unnecessary mockery this season. Note the unmissable add-on that says "PULL ME" in all capital letters.


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