PSG suddenly realize that winning Ligue 1 might require some effort

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Just two matches into the Ligue 1 season, but our "scenario in which PSG fail miserably this season" is looking a bit more relevant than anticipated. PSG have only managed two draws -- a 2-2 against Lorient that Zlatan Ibrahimovic saved with a penalty in added time and a 0-0 against Ajaccio (in which Zlatan did not play due to a foot injury). Ezequiel Lavezzi was sent off in the 59th minute of the Ajaccio match, but PSG manager Carlo Ancelotti said his side was held back by "complacency" in the first half. Clearly winning a title PSG was handed simply for buying a bunch of pricey talents this summer is proving a bit more difficult than the club anticipated.

And that point appears to be sinking in for the players. From the AFP:

"It won't be easy," said midfielder Blaise Matuidi.

"Everyone sees us as champions but the truth is on the pitch. They'll be waiting for us everywhere and every team will give 100 or 120 percent against us."

Of course with all the new additions PSG will need some time to grow together and the realization that they might have to actually try will help too. But right about now a representative for the Qatar Investment Authority is probably trying to figure out how to buy 200 Percent before the transfer window closes.

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