PSG’s Leonardo says they would’ve beaten Barcelona 6-0 if they had Leo Messi

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It shouldn't be surprising that a man who decided to conduct a marriage proposal via satellite during an interview at the Champions League quarterfinal draw would make a silly statement. Yet the fact that PSG sporting director Leonardo felt the need to say that his side's quarterfinal tie against Barcelona would have gone much differently if it took place in a bizarro world where Lionel Messi played for them instead of Barca is still worthy of a small plaque for achievements in the obvious.

After the injured Messi came on in the second half of the second leg to inspire Barca to score the goal that allowed them to advance on away goals, Leonardo shared his highly developed theory. From AS:

"We scored and had a chance to make it two. We had the Nou Camp trembling, and that is massive. I think Barcelona were frightened during the game. I'm sure that if Messi had been on our side we would have won 6-0", said PSG sporting director Leonardo after the match.

Is this a subtle way of warning that PSG will make a €1 billion offer for Messi this summer or just the idle thoughts of a man trying to come to terms with a difficult loss? Meanwhile, a Barcelona executive is surely saying, "If Beckham had been on our side we would have sold 60 percent more shirts."

The grass is always greener...

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