Prospective Leeds Utd owner compares club to Pamela Anderson

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Leeds and Pammy: both have seen better days (Getty)
Leeds and Pammy: both have seen better days (Getty)

Thanks to various endeavors of financial mismanagement, Leeds has suffered a tempestuous ride over the past few years, and have struggled to recover from slipping into the third tier of English football in 2007.

Promising to bring the Yorkshire club back to the Premier League promised land, however, is Middle East consortium Gulf Finance House, which is close to taking the club off of Ken Bates' hands. The Bahrain consortium's £50m takeover bid is being headed up by David Haigh, a Leeds fan who literally just saw Brian May at a Tory conference.

Aging rock star sightings aside, the prospective Leeds chairman has attempted to bring some allure to his acquisition by comparing the club to something glamorous and exciting. Well, something that would have been glamorous and exciting in 1996. Haigh is quoted by The Sun:

"Leeds is like a young Pamela Anderson. It's in great shape, with superb assets and a great future ahead of her."

While Pam is an international icon, the analogy doesn't quite seem to fit a club looking forward to a return to success. What great future did she have ahead of her? Barb Wire? Kid Rock? The Bulgarian version of Big Brother?

Perhaps it would be better to compare Leeds to Elizabeth Berkley: popular a few decades ago (Saved by the Bell), guilty of a huge drop-off in quality (Showgirls), a reputation for being "dirty" (Showgirls again) and keen to capitalize on the success of the past with an ambitious new project (whatever this is).

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