Prince William nearly got his Champions League final prediction exactly right

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Ever since the late, great Paul the Octopus went a perfect eight for eight in his 2010 World Cup predictions, animal oracles have been all the rage. This year's Champions League final has been no different, with everything from otters to elephants trying their psychic powers for Bayern Munich's match against Borussia Dortmund. But now a new power in the novelty predictions racket has shown itself: the Royal Prognosticator.

The day before the big game, FA president Prince William welcomed football officials from across Europe to UEFA's congress in London. In his opening remarks, he tossed in his prediction: "My money is on Bayern Munich 2-0."

He ended up being quite close. He got the winning side right (Bayern), as well as the number of goals they scored (2), but his magical prince powers apparently could not foresee Borussia Dortmund scoring in the 68th minute from the penalty spot. Still, Paul never messed around with scorelines. Only winners.

Anyway, now there's finally a practical use for the royal family: predicting football results.

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